How to Generalize a Contextual Study

In the field of publication in reputed academic and practitioners’ journals, there are several reasons, for which a very good quality research based study can get rejected. It is not that the work does not contain any significance or the research is flawed. One of the major reasons behind rejection of a particular context based…

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Common thesis mistakes and methods to avoid them:

Doctoral thesis writing will be easy once an individual gets an idea of common mistakes which they do. The first thing you should take care is selection of a topic. Select a topic which is very interesting but it should not be too hard to understand. Most of the individuals select the topic which is…

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Dealing in specifics and avoiding generalizations

Some students have the habit of making too many generalized statements. They tend to write generalized statements in their thesis as well. In the process they tend to lose marks as nothing annoys reviewers more than too many generalized statements. It is essential to remember that a thesis is usually a focused study of something.…

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How to choose an innovative topic for your thesis?

Most students in the UAE are overwhelmed with the topic selection process for their thesis. An interesting topic goes a long way in making your thesis an outstanding one. A good topic also gives you a chance to excel in your academics and gives you good scope to research as well. Points to remember while…

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A thesis will stand out if the topic is interesting

The topic of a thesis is extremely important and it can either make or bust your academic career. Many students choose topics that are general so that they can find research materials quickly. As a outcome, they miss the opportunity to add significant value to a field. On the different hand, if the subject is…

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