ELK Consulting aims to provide all round services to scholars, so that they may find a one-stop solution here. The team of writers, editors, statisticians, subject matter experts and mentors are accomplished enough to guide students through all these processes in a dedicated manner. Here are the PhD help services that we offer:

  • RESEARCH CONSULTING: Consultation services are the need of the time and we have expertise in providing expert advice to scholars. We consider all important aspects and collaborate with clients while giving consultation.
  • PROPOSAL WRITING: The proposal is prepared to ensure that it covers all features like literature review, research design and time schedule. It is made flawless for attaining prompt approval from the review committee.
  • THESIS WRITING: The theses written by our academic writers are guaranteed to be high scoring. This is because they are well researched and the language followed is superlative. The theses are 100% original and plagiarism free.
  • PROOFREADING SERVICES: Checking the academic documents is of utmost importance to ensure that there is no grammatical, formatting, spelling or structural flaw in the report. Our proofreaders scrutinize the matter closely and remove all mistakes.
  • RESEARCH PAPER WRITING: The team that handles research paper writing has a track record of getting almost all papers published in leading academic or trade journals. They know the nuances of journal publication and make the research papers precise.
  • DATA ANALYSIS: The statistical tools used for data analysis are quite complex and call for assistance from experts. Our PhD statisticians have in depth knowledge of all tools like SPSS, Stata, Eviews, AMOS, SAS and Excel. They teach in an interactive manner and explain all points to scholars.

In order to avail any of our services, you can contact our team at We have specially designed our services for scholars in the colleges of UAE. You can also take our consultation to choose the most suitable service.

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