Essential Tips to Write a Great Research Paper

Writing a research paper is not just about reporting your research.  With writing research paper your understanding of the topic gets crystallized and your focus on the topic increases. The reader should get to know with complete clarity of thoughts on what was your idea of conducting research by reading your paper.

Following are a few very helpful tips for writing a great research paper:

1. Choosing a topic and starting up
Selecting a topic wisely is very important. Taking up a topic of your interest with the preciseness of the subject and issue will lead to keeping your interest in research and detailing. You need to take prior approval of the topic chosen from your university before starting full-fledged research work.

Once the topic is selected, decide on timelines with which you will be conducting research and also, the length of a research paper needs an estimation as per university guidelines. Think about the sources which you would be using for your research and note it down for the easy process of work.

2. Thesis Statement
Simpler the statement, better it will be for the reader to understand the basis of your research question or problem and its solution.  You need to be very specific in making a thesis statement. Generic statements do not work in framing a thesis statement. While finalizing your thesis statement keep a track of its relevance to the chosen topic and also check on material available at various sources on the same.

3. Prepare a draft
Beginning with an effective introduction, while taking your research paper writing work ahead, prepare an outline. An outline of the research paper determines the sequence of your research content and makes your paper look organized. An introduction cannot start with opinionated statements, instead, it should be short and crisp. It may start with a question tag which is the key to your argument and then, takes the write-up ahead. After you have explained every point of your research work, comes the conclusion. The conclusion should cover the main points of your research and thesis statement.

Elements of a rough draft would include a check on accurate information presentation and re-working on paper if required. Post preparation of the rough draft, editing and proofreading are major activities to be undertaken to ensure that your paper is flawless.

4. Bibliography and Checkpoints
The bibliography should be in the format as prescribed by your university or publisher. It should be relevant to the subject of the topic chosen for research. In addition to this, it would be wise on your part to make a checklist for re-reading your research paper before submission.

The trending research topics in Management for PhD students

This article provides details of the trending management-related topics for research by PhD students. Rapid advancement of technology, globalization, and financial recessions have created the demand for research in business and management, including the following 3 research topics:

  • Innovation

With rapid changes in product technology, innovation has become an important word in today’s business world. The business world is witnessing a rate of change that has not been seen before, hence innovative technologies to fulfil evolving customer demands is in constant demand. Age-old business models are being replaced with the latest models to keep up with customer expectations. From the point of view of business management, efficient management of R&D and innovative solutions has become crucial to keep any company competitive.

  • Knowledge management

Knowledge management has been attracting increased interest in the scientific circles and has been used for widespread research. Researching methods used in this area include content analysis used for the analysis of large amounts of generated data. The domain of knowledge management is an unknown area as most researches are conducted for the benefit of private companies. Research questions related to knowledge management can include the overall effectiveness of knowledge sharing and transfer in a company and how it impacts the financials and social accountability of the company over a specific period. Another research question can be related to the limitations of knowledge creation and sharing among different types of organizations including private, public, and NGOs.

  • Strategic management

Strategic management is all about how any company responds to rapid changes in its business environment. It can include research on the topic of organizational identity, and incorporates an examination of a business process that is formed at the time of organization inception. Performance and adaptability of companies in a dynamic business environment, along with how these firms develop an entrepreneurial approach to boost their performance, can be an interesting research topic to investigate. Other areas of research in strategic management include corporate governance, strategic renewal, and the role of managers.

  • Corporate social responsibility

Due to the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis, corporate social responsibility (or CSR) is still a high on demand research topic. Research areas of CSR include ethic management, accountability, corporate responsibility.

The demand for PhDs with research skills in business is on the rise, along with new research models and topics.