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Why Choose ELK Consulting For PhD Application Services?

We would like to answer your question by asking one; Why do you want to enroll in a PhD program?
The answer to this question will answer the first question too.

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Countries For Which We Support PhD Applications

To support as many candidates as we can, our services are extended to the major countries around the globe which provide widely recognized PhD degrees. Know more about our specific support by choosing your target country.

What Do We Include In Our Packages?

Based on the different requirements and budgets, we have prepared three service packages to support our clients for their PhD application process.

Basic Package

USD $ 575

  • Initial Consultation
  • University Suggestions
  • Application Processing
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Follow-up with Universities
Quality Package

USD $ 745

  • Initial Consultation
  • University Suggestions
  • Application Processing
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Documents Information
  • Interview Preparations
  • Resume/CV Upgradation
  • Research Proposal Development
Premium Package

USD $ 935

  • Initial Consultation
  • University Suggestions
  • Application Processing
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Documents Information
  • CV Formatting
  • Research Proposal Writing
  • Outreaching Research Guide
  • Interview Preparations

Note: The packages can be customized as per the specific requirements of the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have a lot of questions and it is okay, because your career depends on it. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the PhD application process and our services to make it a little more clear for you.


Do you provide guaranteed admissions?

No, we do not provide guaranteed admissions. We only provide the admission assistance. The admission in a PhD program is majorly based on the academic qualifications and test scores of the candidates with which we cannot interfere.


Are you aligned with any university?

No, we do not work in any alignment with a university. However, our experts have passed out from PhD programs or are habituated in different countries to provide you country specific as well as university specific support.


What if I get rejected even after taking the premium package?

Usually, we have not come across the cases where our client has failed due to the services. The rejections are mostly based on the qualification, research idea, or failing to defend that idea. Hence, ELK Consulting is not held responsible for such consequences.


When can I request for the refund?

In case, we fail to deliver the promised services or in case, you cancel the service within the first 24 hours of placing an order (considering the work has not been initiated), we guarantee 100% refund. For more details on the money refund policy, get in touch with our team.


Do you also support getting a student loan or provide it yourself?

No, we are sorry but we do not help in terms of providing a study loan or get it approved from elsewhere.


Can you help me apply to the university I previously got rejected from?

This depends on case to case and the reason you got rejected. If it is based on your qualification or test score, then we can only suggest to you how to improve it. Also, some universities have a timeline of accepting the candidate after they get rejected. Therefore, to know whether you are eligible for applying in the same university for the second time, get the consultancy from our experts.


Do you provide suggestions for the universities as well?

Yes, we definitely do. Based on your individual qualifications, subject domain, and target country, we do provide you suggestions for universities in which you can apply for the PhD program. We also provide help even when you do not have any specifics in mind regarding the country or domain.


What if my application got accepted but the proposal rejected?

It is highly unlikely that the PhD application gets accepted when the research proposal has been rejected as it plays an important role in the acceptance of the application. If you are talking about the interview or proposal defense stage, then remember that the application process is divided into stages, varying from university to university. Sending the application is the first stage and getting selected or not is the last.