PhD Thesis Help Packages

pkg_ico1PhD Research Proposal of 20 pages ( ~ 5000 words)

We will write a 5000 words PhD proposal on the topic which you shall provide. We shall develop research questions, conceptual framework etc as per the demands of the topic.

  • What we require

We will require a finalised topic to be able to complete this work

pkg_ico1 7-10 days Deadline
pkg_ico1 5000 words
pkg_ico1PhD Literature Review Writing of 40 pages ( ~ 10000 words)

We will write 10000 words of literature review on the topic provided by you. Approx 75 references will be used for writing the literature review. Literature review will be written in academic tone and Harvard or APA citation style shall be followed.

  • What we require

We will require topic and objectives of research to be able to complete this work

pkg_ico1 12-14 days deadline
pkg_ico1 10000 words
pkg_ico1Data Analysis using SPSS

Data Analysis using SPSS. Includes Descriptive analysis, Inferential Analysis, Interprtation Report.

  • What we require

Questionnaire, Hypothesis and Data File are required to complete this work

pkg_ico1 5-10 days Deadline
pkg_ico1Master’s Dissertation Proposal of 2500 words

Developing a proposal for Master's MBA/MSc for UK/Australian/Canadian Universities of 2500 words

  • What We Require

Topic is all that we need to develop this proposal

pkg_ico1 4-7 days Deadline
pkg_ico1 2500 words
pkg_ico1UK Dissertation Writing of 15000 words

Complete dissertation writing, questionnaire design, data analysis using SPSS, revisions of 15000 words excluding references shall be completed in this package. UK standard of writing, Harvard style of reference will be used.

  • What We Require

Approved proposal OR topic + objectives shall be required to complete the work

pkg_ico1 20-30 days Deadline
pkg_ico1 15000 words