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A research proposal is an important milestone of doctoral studies in any university because it shapes one’s academic career – a strong and comprehensive research proposal will culminate in a high-quality research paper whereas a weak research proposal will bring down the standard of the research paper. To ensure that your PhD proposal is strong, you need to include the question you will be addressing in your research, objectives of the research, its importance in the academic and professional arenas, how your research develops or challenges existing literature review, and why you are the right person to undertake this research.

Many students undermine the importance of a research proposal and do not spend ample time in coming with a comprehensive research proposal, which not only serves as a guideline for students while writing their research papers but also allows supervisors to assess the originality and quality of a student’s ideas, scope of the paper, and feasibility of the project. A thesis proposal helps a student in coming up with a strong research paper and provides a sense of solace that he is proceeding in the right direction.

However, writing a PhD proposal is easier said than done. Scholars often face several challenges while penning down the proposal, of which include: choosing unique & novel topic, crafting an apt problem statement, obtaining a suitable data, referencing, structuring the entire text, following University formatting guidelines, etc.

At ELK Consulting, we understand the capabilities of a student and offer him PhD thesis proposal writing service in Dubai for coming up with a proposal that highlights his strengths, which in turn makes it easier for him to carry out research for his doctoral studies in a smooth manner. ELK Consulting is committed to developing every student’s potential and it reflects in the quality of research proposals churned out by our experts. We identify the calibre of a student and his areas of interest, and accordingly, come up with a framework for a research proposal. For a research proposal to be accepted by a university, it is important to highlight the significance of the research and link it to the impact on the industry.

Our team consists of adroit writers who are themselves PhD degree holders from various top Universities. Being in this industry over the years, our team has helped plenty of scholars secure their PhD degree. No matter how complex is the topic, the writers can craft an exceptional proposal that conveys your idea to your target reader in an effective manner and leaves a lasting impression on them. Our writers offering PhD proposal writing service Dubai will: identify the research gap, develop a PhD proposal that is free from all kinds of errors such as grammatical & punctuation errors, misspellings, unstructured sentences, typographical errors, etc. We, at ELK Consulting, know that plagiarism is an offense. Hence we ensure that all the contents in your proposal in authentic and has zero-plagiarism.

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