5 Proven Hacks to Get Rid of Accidental Plagiarism in Your Thesis Proposal

Have you ever gone through a situation wherein you have just completed your thesis proposal writing after spending several sleepless nights and toiling harder than ever, but the plagiarism checker says unacceptable level of plagiarised content? Surprised as to how this actually happened? Well, all thanks to ‘accidental plagiarism’. Although you have never intended to…

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Master The Art of Writing a Persuasive PhD Proposal

PhD research proposals are submitted to a research committee or the chair with an attempt to persuade them into believing that accepting it will benefit the institution as well as academia. However, the question is how to introduce persuasive techniques into your PhD proposal writing so as to make it eloquent and approval-ready. When it…

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The Ways to Approach The Research Gap In a Wide Literature

Before you acknowledge the ways to approach the research gap, you should know what is meant by a research gap. The research gap is a research question or problem which has not been answered in the prevailing literature of the subject. Research gap is the sole reason for you to conduct the research. While it…

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The trending research topics in Management for PhD students

This article provides details of the trending management-related topics for research by PhD students. Rapid advancement of technology, globalization, and financial recessions have created the demand for research in business and management, including the following 3 research topics: Innovation With rapid changes in product technology, innovation has become an important word in today’s business world.…

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Key points for a successful thesis defense

Thesis writing is a major challenge for students, irrespective of their area of specialization or their college. The concluding part of your PhD thesis completion is to be able to successfully defend it before a review committee. A thesis defence is an opportunity to present your research findings and its importance, as well as highlight…

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