PhD Research Consulting Service

Research comprises the gathering of information from various sources and analysis of collected data before reaching a conclusion. Researchers can undertake either qualitative or quantitative research, depending on their fields of study and scope of their research papers. Qualitative research methods include focus groups and interviews whereas quantitative research methods include surveys, polls and closed-ended questionnaires. So, if you need to attain detailed information on a particular topic from selected individuals, you should carry out qualitative research. On the other hand, if you need large amounts of data, you should opt for quantitative research.

Collection of data is not as easy as it sounds. To ensure that you get the right information, you need to come up with the right questions for your interviews, questionnaires and surveys. Many students, because of their lack of experience in designing questionnaires, are unable to come up with proper questions that address the research statement. This is where ELK Consulting comes in to save the day. Our statisticians, subject matter experts and consultants will not only assist you in designing questionnaires, but they will also help you in collecting and analysing data.

Our statisticians are familiar with most statistical tools, including the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), R, and Fityk, for analysing data from quantitative research methods. Data collected from qualitative research methods are analysed either manually or using mathematical models. Our statisticians have been trained to find correlations between different sets of data and show how the data adds value to the existing knowledge base. The objective of every research paper is to enlighten the readers on new discoveries in a particular field of study and this is exactly what our statisticians hope to achieve through the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

Research at the PhD level is challenging, no doubt, but with ELK experts by your side, you have nothing to fear. If you need additional information on our PhD research consulting services in Dubai, please feel free to contact us at