How to evaluate the quality of a research paper published in a journal? 

When we are working on our research idea, we are dependent upon the already existing research to pick up the threads. The previously done work constructs the foundation for our research and guides our further course. For the purpose of establishing a strong research base and to avoid the multiplication of wrong information, it is very crucial to have a critical evaluation of the existing scientific evidence. As an author, you must know which research paper can be considered worthy.

There is a criterion to confirm if the results of the research can be trusted. Errors invariably can emerge in any of the research phases and so the way the research has been conducted and the presentation of the results do matter.

When you are trying to evaluate or write an effective research paper, here is a reminder of a few criteria you must not miss:

Research Question: The research question must clearly state the aims of the research. As a reader with a critical perspective, you must pay specific attention towards logic, causation, association or relationship to know that the author had a clear picture of why he wanted to do the research.

Sample: The sample has to be representative as well as adequate. In addition, the technique for selection of the representation is also an important determinant of the quality of the research. Look for if there is any scope of bias in the sample and the adequacy of the sample size can be determined by employing power analysis.

Control of extraneous variation: Has the author ensured the control of relevant confounding variables? If not hen the findings can be affected and not be completely trustworthy.

Research Methodology: The research design should be suitable and should justify the research question raised priorly. The reader should thoroughly investigate the true experimental design and distinguish it from a random assignment or pre-experimental design.

Data Analysis: In synchronisation with the data and the objective of the study, appropriate statistical tests should be applied. In the case of multi comparisons, check if the researcher has taken up post hoc.

Discussion and Conclusions: Does the study permit generalisation and are there practical limitations of the study discussed? The results should be the base of the discussion and conclusion of any study. The conclusion shouldn’t be governed by what the researcher expected to achieve from the study.

References: Are the references structured and follow the APA guidelines? They must be relevant to the time of the study and not obsolete or redundant.

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5 Proven Hacks to Get Rid of Accidental Plagiarism in Your Thesis Proposal

Have you ever gone through a situation wherein you have just completed your thesis proposal writing after spending several sleepless nights and toiling harder than ever, but the plagiarism checker says unacceptable level of plagiarised content? Surprised as to how this actually happened? Well, all thanks to ‘accidental plagiarism’. Although you have never intended to copy the content from a source, without knowledge you might have ended up doing the same. The worst part is accidental plagiarism has the same impact as that of ‘intentional plagiarism’. Some of the aspects that lead to accidental plagiarism are:

  • Procrastination
  • Citation errors
  • Lack of understanding of the original source
  • Poor note-taking
  • Improper paraphrasing

However, to offer thesis proposal help to needy scholars, we conducted a survey among professionals providing proposal help services and have penned down a few tips that can stop from committing this blunder. Take a look at them.


The best way to avoid accidental plagiarism is to paraphrase the content that you have picked from various sources. But ensure that the meaning of the content is not altered while doing so. To effectively paraphrase the content, thoroughly read the key information that needs to be paraphrased, understand what it means and then paraphrase the content. If required, you can make use of online paraphrasing tools to get rid of plagiarism.

2. Taking notes

Another most effective method that can be followed to avoid plagiarism is making notes. When you come across the information that is relevant to your study, quickly down it and also the source from which you have picked up the piece of information. This makes your task easier while writing down the research document, as you will not have to go in search of the source/ author.

3. Quoting

Have you included a quote in your research document that is relevant to your content/study? Well, it is absolutely fine to include quotes in research document but ensure that you have inserted quotations. Quotation is a key feature that must be considered while inserting a quote from different sources, as they can help you avoid plagiarism. If you are not aware of the guidelines that must be followed while quoting a source, visit

4. Citation

If you are thinking of including a figure, fact or idea from various sources, cite them appropriately. There are several citation styles that have been developed and accepted by the academicians across the globe. If your demanded APA/MLA/Chicago etc style make sure you implement the same. Before incorporating, familiarise yourself with the guidelines of the specific citation style. Know if you have include footnotes, endnotes or work-cited list.

5. Include your language

How about including your own ideas and thoughts? This is one of the easiest and great methods to avoid plagiarism. Use unique tone of writing but do not sound like a writer from elsewhere.

Follow the tested tricks and prevent yourself from committing an offensive crime. If necessary take thesis proposal help from experts.

The Ways to Approach The Research Gap In a Wide Literature

Before you acknowledge the ways to approach the research gap, you should know what is meant by a research gap. The research gap is a research question or problem which has not been answered in the prevailing literature of the subject. Research gap is the sole reason for you to conduct the research. While it is hard for researchers to identify the gap in the study, it is the reason that makes your research publishable as you are not duplicating research and providing an answer to a gap in the literature.

Identifying the gap and generating a research question is regarded as the first and most crucial step for your research because without the gap in the literature what will the researcher fill. The researcher may find numerous gaps in the study, but he has to consider the importance and the originality of the gap. There are many approaches for a researcher to find the research gap, but the main idea is to find a unique and innovative research gap. Let us now look at a few ways to approach the research gap :

  • The first and easiest way to come in a researcher’s mind will be to read specific parts of the articles in your field of study. There may be hundreds of articles in your area to study, but you have to find the most suitable ones. Examine the parts of an article which have a proper introduction and conclusion to know where the researcher has lacked information.
  • The next thing a researcher must go through is a systematic review of the literature. The systematic review of the literature burrow deep in the literature and examine the trends and changes in it. The content analysis report and the citation analysis report will help the researcher further to find a different gap.
  • Another way to approach the gap is to read the key journals of your subject. The journals have a key concept section which aims to assist the audience of the journal since every researcher finds a gap considering the audience in his mind. Your target audience is important when you are finding a gap in the literature to do justice to your research question and let people appreciate the findings done by you.

When finding a unique literature gap in your study, you can conduct successful research to bring growth to your academic career.

Key points for a successful thesis defense

Thesis writing is a major challenge for students, irrespective of their area of specialization or their college. The concluding part of your PhD thesis completion is to be able to successfully defend it before a review committee.

A thesis defence is an opportunity to present your research findings and its importance, as well as highlight your learning curve as a PhD researcher.

A thesis defence can be a very challenging experience for most PhD students. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for this exercise and not just focus simply on the thesis writing part.

Listed below are some valuable points that can help you complete your thesis defence successfully:

  • Focus on advance preparation.

Be aware of all the guidelines that you need to follow by talking to your research advisor. Ensure that before your thesis defense, you have completed your thesis paper and have distributed its copies to all the review committee members at least a few weeks before your presentation. Consult with your seniors or peers who have successfully participated in a thesis defense.

  • Know your subject well.

At all times, remember that you know more about the subject of your thesis than the review committee members, as you have worked on this research project for at least a year. Be confident in presenting your research points and in highlighting its importance.

  • Anticipate tough questions.

Remember that the review committee members have a broader knowledge of the industry field for which you have conducted your research. Keep this aspect in mind when preparing for questions. However, there will always be questions that you may not be able to answer. Pause and take your time thinking about tough questions, and if you cannot answer, make a note of it for evaluating later. Review committees do not just look at your knowledge of the subject, but also in your scientific thinking skills.

  • Prepare your presentation skills.

You can improve your presentation skills by conducting mock rehearsals with your friends or family. Dress professionally with comfortable clothes for your presentation. Pause between major points and take the full time that has been allocated for your presentation. Answer each and every question to the points without any extra talking. If you miss any review question or its meaning, request them to repeat or clarify the question. Make your presentation brief and stick to the research points.

Journey of an Arabic Client of Completing DBA

Haneef Ahmad Khan had always wanted to pursue his DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) from a leading University in the Emirates. He was and still is extremely talented, knowledgeable, observant and diligent in his approach, but as they say, whatever is valued won’t come easy. Haneef had to overcome a vast number of challenges before he could finally call himself a ‘Doctor’ in the real sense.

  • Lack of command over English: To begin with, UAE is not a nation where English is somebody’s mother tongue and he was no exception. He could comprehend Basic English and write short paragraphs. Mostly to answer case study related questions or make presentations, but to write an entire doctorate level thesis was definitely not his cup of tea. Apart from that, engaging in intellectual discussions and putting his research thoughts to proper words became a strenuous activity for him.
  • Inadequate Topic Selection: He chose a topic that was quite traditional and usual. Neither did it interest too many people due to the extensive research already existing in the same field, nor was the topic title captivating. His topic was not even in synchronization with the ongoing researches in that discipline. In simple words, he was told his topic was ‘Boring’.
  • Poor knowledge of Statistical Tools: Haneef had a very technical background with an engineering degree and a post graduate degree in management. For his doctorate level thesis however, he did not have the necessary research skills including qualitative analysis, statistics and econometrics. He went wrong in his data collection and interpretation time and again.
  • Thesis was not of an adequate standard: He faced a huge setback when he found that the research proposal for his thesis had been rejected because evaluators felt it did not add to the existing body of knowledge. They also felt that the level of research he had conducted, the kind of tools and methodology he had used was only appropriate for a master’s level programme. For a Doctorate thesis, his work was too basic.
  • Presentation of data: Haneef knew his research objectives, his research paradigm and the core of his research. What he did not know was how to represent his thesis perfectly. Sometimes his work would be plagiarised, at other times he would hand over unformatted documents to his reviewers and occasionally he would forget adding citations.

After facing so many hardships and failures also he was unable to fully satisfy the experts and himself. However what had happened made him even more firm and focused. He knew now more than ever that no matter what, he wanted that doctoral degree.

He sought help from a professional dissertation writing firm to render its services to him. At first he really frowned upon this idea, but when he learnt how it is absolutely ethical to gather advice and assistance from these firms he saw no harm in contacting one of them for his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). This Professional Thesis writing company had many well qualified PHD Holders who were experienced in writing for various research fields. They themselves belonged to varied backgrounds and brought with them an entire storehouse of in depth, technical knowledge. Due to is excellence, Professional Thesis writing services didn’t  just help him draft a good thesis or a thesis proposal, but assisted him right from the genesis of his entire doctorate programme.

Right from Topic Selection to drafting a Thesis Synopsis, they guided him throughout.

  • They helped him chose a topic that generated a lot interest among reviewers. He now had an attractive, fresh and complete topic for his DBA Thesis. The best part was that changing the topic did not mean changing the entire thesis. All Haneef had to change was adding a few new dimensions to his already existing research.
  • This also helped him give his research direction and made it much more value adding. With the help of professionally equipped PHD writers assisting him, he now knew what kind of comments and questions related to his thesis he may expect during panel discussions and juries.
  • They provided assistance in penning his research work from scratch while keeping in mind the necessary jargons, intellectual language, grammatical correctness and finally drafting a high quality flawless write up for his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).
  • They also provided him mentorship in the implementation of statistical techniques and in performing various kinds of data and trend analysis for his quantitative analysis. This made his research much more comprehensive and of an acceptable Doctorate standard.
  • Tiny matters like plagiarism and grammatical efficiency were taken care of by proofreaders that this professional thesis writing firm had.

Finally not only did he write his thesis but also get acknowledged as well as appreciated for it. He received his Doctorate of Business Administration and realised his dreams.

What Is the Importance of a Translator?

Education has no boundary, but to learn and have a good student teacher and peer relationship one needs a language. There are several universities in the UK and USA which are offering courses in Asian countries like China, Iraq, Iran, UAE, and many more which are not native English speaking countries. These universities may require the students to write their assignments and dissertations in English and submit. In such situation, students are unable to express their thoughts and ideas to make an interesting and appealing report. Due to this inability they have to compromise with lower grades.

To solve this problem, students take the help of translators. Students prepare the report in their preferred language and the translator translates the report tin English. The translator makes sure that he or she understands the technical terms and do a proper justice to the topic. Thus the translation service requires time. There are many tools available online for free which carry out the translation and there are many translation service providers who have people who are not only well versed with the language but also the subject.

Translators are not just important for student who want to submit their thesis or dissertation or assignment in English, but for student who want to read and acquire knowledge from text written in other languages, for example a student pursuing degree in literature may want to read books or poems that are not written in English, a translator is very useful in such a case.

Additionally, people who travel to Asian countries, want to understand the culture, trade and history of the place, need a translator who can help them read and interact with the local. Thus, the translator whether in person or a web application or a service provider is very essential in today’s global scenario.

Select the Right Language Translation Service for Your Business Translations

Translation services are emerging at a rapid pace every day. This is because they pave the way for businesses around the world. When it comes to global marketing and communications, it is necessary to take the help of translation service providers. The primary idea behind this is that global marketing requires effective communication in variegated languages. Here is how you could select the right language translation service for your business translations.

Find a Credible Translation Company

Not every translation company has the same features as the others and not all of them can clear your standards. The cost of getting your documents translated may be a little higher if the agency meets your standards. However, the service they provide will be definitely worth it. You should, therefore, find a distinguished and credible translation company that would meet all your needs.

Find Skilled Translation Service Providers

In the business of translation, utmost expertise and knowledge are required. Therefore, you must make sure that the translation service providers that you select must be acquainted with and skilled in doing translations. The quality of the translation work is to always be considered before selecting a good translation company. Therefore, you must go for the translation services of certified translators.

Confidentiality of Information

You should make sure that the translation company or agency that has taken up the tasks does not reveal any of the information in the documents you have given them for translation to anyone else. The company or agency that gives you translation services should have a confidentiality policy. You can be linked to the entire world through translation services when you make sure you take the services of the right translation agency. It will open the doors to not only international business opportunities but also to worldwide marketing and communication opportunities.

How To Write A PhD Thesis: Avoiding Common Mistakes

While writing a PhD thesis, you have to remember that there are not certain ways of doing things all the time. There are, however, some mistakes that people commonly make that could be easily avoided. It is much easier to follow a certain standard in order to complete a PhD thesis as compared to doing anything else.

Choosing the wrong topic

A common mistake would be not choosing the right topic. It is not only possible that the topic does not sound right to you, but it is also possible that the topic is not right for your PhD thesis at all. Also, it may not be something that you are truly interested in. so, think of a topic that you may be truly interested in.

Using research that is not relevant

There is a problem with using research that is absolutely not useful for your dissertation. It is necessary that you be strict with yourself so that you do not end up using any research that comes your way. You should do this even if it takes up a lot of your time to complete your dissertation. Sometimes, it is better to omit some things and do not consider them just because you put in a lot of efforts in them.

Failing to follow correct methods

Despite the fact that there are several sources that offer information on the correct citation methods as well as formats for research, there are still many people, who fail to follow them. This, however, does occur and it is difficult to make people follow these research methods.

Not sticking to the allowed word count

Sometimes, people may end up writing too little or too much. However, it is important that you meet the word count. This should, however, not be done by filling in fluff just because you have to fill in something.

Seven Effecting Tips for Writing a Meaningful PhD Thesis

While writing a PhD. thesis one has to be very careful about the nitty-gritty of small things for example: how to get started, breaking up the huge task into small pieces and working on those pieces. One has to be vigilant about the feasibility of surviving it. In our article we have listed some of the stuffs which are very important to you while writing a PhD paper. Let us have a look.

1. Understanding the Problem- If the concept is clear, writing will be easy. Follow methodology of literature review. Keep it clear and focus on central research which will always help.

2. Follow the right approach. Conduct a primary research in order to guide the reader about your context and methodology. Keep track of rationale, justification, sampling issues, etc. Keep your work unambiguous to the reader.

3. Have the ability to reproduce. The quality to reproduce the results of an experiment is a trait of proper scientific method; always remember. Give a detailed description of the techniques and methods used.

4. Set up the right precedence. Your research should be comparable to research projects within your particular subject area. A relevant literature review should be helpful to you.

5. Give right Justification- It is foremost necessary that you provide fair reasons for the methods your have chosen to carry out your research. This aspect especially helps when the methodology is new.

6. Insight to underline principle. In your principle, always evaluate alternate approaches in order to guard the methods you have chosen. Measure the pros and cons of all pertinent alternatives.

7. Validity and reliability. Validity and reliability must be explicitly discussed. They are the essential considerations in all different types of research. There are numbers of matters falling under this area, consisting of precision, accuracy, sources of error and statistical worth.

A Good PhD Thesis Is Devoid of Backlog

The foremost way to fail a PhD is not to submit it. It’s very rare to fail a PhD. but actually, there is around 3-5% failure every academic submission.

In our blog, we have listed some of the reasons, why a student fails PhD. degree. Have a look below.

  • Thesis is poorly written with lot of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Careless presentation.
  • Containing lot of mistakes.
  • Copy writes issues, full of plagiarism.
  • Devoid of the basic concepts, processes, or principle of the discipline.
  • Lacking vigilant thought.
  • The question or difficulty is insignificant, weak, or already solved.
  • Relevant literature is missing or misunderstood.
  • Consisting of weak argument, incompatible, self contradictory, unconvincing or illogical theory.

Experienced examiners say it is quite possible to abrade through the PhD with work that is sick demonstrating technical competence.

As far as the literature review is satisfactory, the argument is sustained, containing some good theory, the PhD would eventually be considered acceptable. Now have a look on some points which make your work acceptable.

  • Concrete well written and well organized PhD. thesis is acceptable.
  • Consisting of some original ideas, approach and observations.
  • Consisting of some good questions and problems tending to be small and traditional.
  • Should be full of understanding and mastery of the subject matter.
  • Should consist of strong argument, comprehension and logic.
  • The research should be well executed demonstrating technical proficiency.
  • Should consists of apposite typical theory, techniques and methods.
  • Should make a self-effacing contribution to the field but does not open it up.

To summarize, we can say a good thesis is not beyond the reach of the average hardworking doctoral researcher. You need not to be Einstein, but you need to be little bit careful in what you are presenting.



Common thesis mistakes and methods to avoid them:

Doctoral thesis writing will be easy once an individual gets an idea of common mistakes which they do. The first thing you should take care is selection of a topic. Select a topic which is very interesting but it should not be too hard to understand. Most of the individuals select the topic which is very rare or unique. So don’t select the research topic which is very common and also take care that the topic should not be that unique because it will be very difficult for you while searching for the data.  You should be able to explain the aim of thesis. The thesis includes so many chapters but most commonly they fail to explain or summarize each chapter. So don’t forget to focus on each chapter which you are talking about in your thesis. Always try to provide credible sources. Explain the whole thesis with the demonstrated examples. It creates an impression that how well you understood the topic. Try to avoid the long sentences because it leads to confusion.

Also writing long sentences misses the actual point and finally creates an open ended question. Don’t use high vocabulary to get an impression from the professor. Use the appropriate words which are more suitable. In a hurry most of the people forget to follow the format while writing the thesis. But try not to make any mistake in formatting because it creates a careless impression on you.  Avoid grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Sometimes it is very difficult to adhere to page length requirement though you have no more things to say. Then don’t try to add fluff to your thesis because this can be easily recognized by your Professor. In that case take suggestion of your professor or any well known person. Students keep on working on the paper till the deadline of submission. Avoid such kind of hurry and complete the work at least 2 days before deadline.

Once you are done with the whole paper the most important thing to remember is to revise the content. During the revision make sure you review the technical terms you have used. Finally the conclusion should be limited to only one page. The main thing to remember while writing conclusion are as follows: Stress the importance of thesis statement; give the whole thesis completeness. Make the conclusion go from specific to general.

How to choose an innovative topic for your thesis?

Most students in the UAE are overwhelmed with the topic selection process for their thesis. An interesting topic goes a long way in making your thesis an outstanding one. A good topic also gives you a chance to excel in your academics and gives you good scope to research as well.

Points to remember while choosing your topic:

  • Choose a topic that has not been worked on extensively before
  • Get a new perspective on the topic so that the reader is interested
  • Choose a topic that interests you since you have to work the most with it
  • Select a topic that has ample of literature to review
  • Choose a topic that does some value addition to the industry
  • It must pave the way for future research study

A thesis will stand out if the topic is interesting

The topic of a thesis is extremely important and it can either make or bust your academic career. Many students choose topics that are general so that they can find research materials quickly. As a outcome, they miss the opportunity to add significant value to a field. On the different hand, if the subject is too unique, it will be difficult for a student to carry out research. So, one should choose a topic that is neither too uncommon nor too common. And it is essential to come up with a subject that is relevant to the current scenario as this will help the readers to relate to the thesis better.

Spotless Thesis Writing Services

Thesis Writing is the most important key to success in your academic career. We at ELK consulting have hired the most intelligent brains to produce quality research papers. Many Students are incapable of choosing a relevant topic and carrying exhaustive research, which leads them to produce an unintelligent copy and therefore become the victims of the academic board’s rejection.

It is imperative to write a good content to catch sight of the reader. No reader is interested in checking out a dull dissertation. We have helped over thousands of students in developing up to the mark thesis, reviewing literature, scrutinizing the collected data and drafting research papers.

There might be chances of students occurring grammatical and spelling mistakes. Once the dissertation writing is completed, our writing experts edit and proofread the manuscripts to avoid any turmoil in future. We also have PhD Statisticians equipped with statistical knowledge like SPSS, EViews and R to assist students in quantitative analysis.

Things that Can Make a Supervisor Reject Your PhD Thesis

Being a PhD supervisor is a privilege but stressful as well. Examining PhDs is a joy to nurture for helping the next generation of the academy but is also a moment to regret when the supervisor realizes that the thesis is quite below international standards of research. Here are two things that can make the supervisor feel so!

First is a shortened, poorly written bibliography that can distress the supervisors. Did you know that most supervisors start examining the paper from the back for judging the caliber of research references? The moment more than 20 anomalies in the form of incomplete, missing, or mismatched references are spotted; the examiners have no option but to doubt the academic ability of the writer.

Second, the usage of generalized phrases such as ‘a few universities’ or ‘all men’ without explanatory citations or statements can put off the supervisors. Invariably there exists a relation between a too many generalizations and thin bibliography. In case the writer has not researched or read extensively, the generalizations will be more, which automatically leads to small bibliography. An ideal thesis is the one that is tightly written but justifies the author’s focus on a specific community of experts over others while showing that enough has been read to prove their paper contents.

Steps of writing a thesis proposal

A thesis proposal is a well-organized plan that propounds the research project. It addresses the Research problem or question. It needs to demonstrate the ways to conduct research which can explain the feasibility of the project. A genuinely framed proposal can cast a fascinating appeal towards the thesis authorities or supervisors

Introduction gives the overview of the topic on which the research is made. It has to be appealing as it is the first stop of any reader.

Statement of the research question should give a brief about the topic and goal of the thesis. It brings out the question which is the basis of the project.

Methodology employed for carrying out the research and analyzing the data should be mentioned with a proper justification. ‘What materials to be used?’, ‘How data would be collected’. Questions like this should be answered in this section.

Rationale- After you have explained the project it is mandatory to explain why is the project worthwhile and what more facts and figures can be extracted with research.

Always avoid the grammatical errors and use the language which can be easily perceived by everyone. A proposal inclusive of the above points will be an ideal one.

Tips to write a Thesis

Students who are undergoing a post graduate program will have to write a thesis at one point of time. All of the students might not be an expert in writing a thesis. Some of them might seek help from their colleagues and friends and some might hire a professional service for the same. However, here are some basic tips which are useful for writing a thesis.

Decide your topic.

This is the first tip you should keep in mind and the first step to start writing your thesis. You need to first decide on the topic you want to write. Deciding a topic is a big task and one of the important steps. Do not change the topic once you have decided. You can change the draft of your thesis but not the topic. Also, try taking the topic which interests you. Do not select disinterested topics at all. Kindly avoid the influence of friends and other people in order to select the topic.

When to start

Once you know on what topic you have to write your research, now you need to decide when to start writing your research. You cannot just get up one day and say that you will be starting your thesis today. You will have to plan your days and give appropriate timelines. You need to divide your thesis and according to your topic you will have to give a timeline to each task.

Set deadline

Follow a practice to set a deadline for each of the subjects. Make a to-do list every morning with the deadline within which the same needs to be completed. If the entire to do list is not completed, then note down the reason of the same.

Set easy Targets

In order to complete your thesis on time and with quality results, remember set easy target. Do not set targets which are not achievable. You cannot set a target of completing 2 topics on the first day of your thesis writing.

Distraction Free Environment – Always select a distraction free environment. Have a clean desk and make sure your room or the place you sit is comfortable and dust free. Whenever you are writing your thesis, make sure you have adjusted the lights in your room, the monitor according to your eye level and other such minute things. Make yourself comfortable while you work or write a thesis.