How is research rated?

In order to conduct research, the researcher should be first able to select a topic and define it in sufficient detail; the topic should be applicable to reality and not just a notion as such it should be supported by evidence and data. The topic generally belongs to the area of specialization of research and is chosen after a careful study of past and present context of the topic. Higher academic research work is generally complex and needs to be planned meticulously, planning helps to put together in advance the necessary documents and instruments for research, so that there are no bottlenecks when the actual research work takes place. During the planning phase the researcher also needs to select the methods and techniques he/she would apply to collect and analyze data taking into consideration the available resources and constraints, researcher should choose not only correct methods but also feasible and efficient and up to date methods.

Research works are rated on the following basis:

Level of originality: higher academic research work and especially doctoral level research work needs to establish its originality; the work of the researcher should expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Practicality: the research idea should be supported by data both secondary and primary data

Significance: the research work should be able to benefit entities of society or develop new concepts, applications and theories.

Documentation and Presentation: all the sources referred should be properly cited and referenced as per writing style guidelines. The research report should be presented in logical and sequential manner. Data should be presented with the help of graphics for better clarity. The research report should be easily searchable.

Methods: the researcher should mention not only the methods but the reason for selecting the methods and techniques with reference to the research situation.

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