A Good PhD Thesis Is Devoid of Backlog

The foremost way to fail a PhD is not to submit it. It’s very rare to fail a PhD. but actually, there is around 3-5% failure every academic submission.

In our blog, we have listed some of the reasons, why a student fails PhD. degree. Have a look below.

  • Thesis is poorly written with lot of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Careless presentation.
  • Containing lot of mistakes.
  • Copy writes issues, full of plagiarism.
  • Devoid of the basic concepts, processes, or principle of the discipline.
  • Lacking vigilant thought.
  • The question or difficulty is insignificant, weak, or already solved.
  • Relevant literature is missing or misunderstood.
  • Consisting of weak argument, incompatible, self contradictory, unconvincing or illogical theory.

Experienced examiners say it is quite possible to abrade through the PhD with work that is sick demonstrating technical competence.

As far as the literature review is satisfactory, the argument is sustained, containing some good theory, the PhD would eventually be considered acceptable. Now have a look on some points which make your work acceptable.

  • Concrete well written and well organized PhD. thesis is acceptable.
  • Consisting of some original ideas, approach and observations.
  • Consisting of some good questions and problems tending to be small and traditional.
  • Should be full of understanding and mastery of the subject matter.
  • Should consist of strong argument, comprehension and logic.
  • The research should be well executed demonstrating technical proficiency.
  • Should consists of apposite typical theory, techniques and methods.
  • Should make a self-effacing contribution to the field but does not open it up.

To summarize, we can say a good thesis is not beyond the reach of the average hardworking doctoral researcher. You need not to be Einstein, but you need to be little bit careful in what you are presenting.



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