How to utilize online sources for research

Over the last few years, the Internet has become the ultimate research tool. An array of search engines is there to assist scholars find references. However, the problem with such research is that you will get innumerable answers to all questions. Both positive and negative opinions are present; both supporting and opposing views fill the…

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Steps to be taken to choose the Right Research Project

When an author is deciding on what topic he should write his research paper on he has to take many factors into account. Otherwise his project will be an academic and financial disaster. So what are the steps he can take to choose the right topic? 1) One of these key factors is the strengths…

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How is research rated?

In order to conduct research, the researcher should be first able to select a topic and define it in sufficient detail; the topic should be applicable to reality and not just a notion as such it should be supported by evidence and data. The topic generally belongs to the area of specialization of research and…

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How to Generalize a Contextual Study

In the field of publication in reputed academic and practitioners’ journals, there are several reasons, for which a very good quality research based study can get rejected. It is not that the work does not contain any significance or the research is flawed. One of the major reasons behind rejection of a particular context based…

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Common thesis mistakes and methods to avoid them:

Doctoral thesis writing will be easy once an individual gets an idea of common mistakes which they do. The first thing you should take care is selection of a topic. Select a topic which is very interesting but it should not be too hard to understand. Most of the individuals select the topic which is…

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