Tips to write a Thesis

Students who are undergoing a post graduate program will have to write a thesis at one point of time. All of the students might not be an expert in writing a thesis. Some of them might seek help from their colleagues and friends and some might hire a professional service for the same. However, here are some basic tips which are useful for writing a thesis.

Decide your topic.

This is the first tip you should keep in mind and the first step to start writing your thesis. You need to first decide on the topic you want to write. Deciding a topic is a big task and one of the important steps. Do not change the topic once you have decided. You can change the draft of your thesis but not the topic. Also, try taking the topic which interests you. Do not select disinterested topics at all. Kindly avoid the influence of friends and other people in order to select the topic.

When to start

Once you know on what topic you have to write your research, now you need to decide when to start writing your research. You cannot just get up one day and say that you will be starting your thesis today. You will have to plan your days and give appropriate timelines. You need to divide your thesis and according to your topic you will have to give a timeline to each task.

Set deadline

Follow a practice to set a deadline for each of the subjects. Make a to-do list every morning with the deadline within which the same needs to be completed. If the entire to do list is not completed, then note down the reason of the same.

Set easy Targets

In order to complete your thesis on time and with quality results, remember set easy target. Do not set targets which are not achievable. You cannot set a target of completing 2 topics on the first day of your thesis writing.

Distraction Free Environment – Always select a distraction free environment. Have a clean desk and make sure your room or the place you sit is comfortable and dust free. Whenever you are writing your thesis, make sure you have adjusted the lights in your room, the monitor according to your eye level and other such minute things. Make yourself comfortable while you work or write a thesis.

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