Steps of writing a thesis proposal

A thesis proposal is a well-organized plan that propounds the research project. It addresses the Research problem or question. It needs to demonstrate the ways to conduct research which can explain the feasibility of the project. A genuinely framed proposal can cast a fascinating appeal towards the thesis authorities or supervisors

Introduction gives the overview of the topic on which the research is made. It has to be appealing as it is the first stop of any reader.

Statement of the research question should give a brief about the topic and goal of the thesis. It brings out the question which is the basis of the project.

Methodology employed for carrying out the research and analyzing the data should be mentioned with a proper justification. ‘What materials to be used?’, ‘How data would be collected’. Questions like this should be answered in this section.

Rationale- After you have explained the project it is mandatory to explain why is the project worthwhile and what more facts and figures can be extracted with research.

Always avoid the grammatical errors and use the language which can be easily perceived by everyone. A proposal inclusive of the above points will be an ideal one.

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