Journey of an Arabic Client of Completing DBA

Haneef Ahmad Khan had always wanted to pursue his DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) from a leading University in the Emirates. He was and still is extremely talented, knowledgeable, observant and diligent in his approach, but as they say, whatever is valued won’t come easy. Haneef had to overcome a vast number of challenges before he could finally call himself a ‘Doctor’ in the real sense.

  • Lack of command over English: To begin with, UAE is not a nation where English is somebody’s mother tongue and he was no exception. He could comprehend Basic English and write short paragraphs. Mostly to answer case study related questions or make presentations, but to write an entire doctorate level thesis was definitely not his cup of tea. Apart from that, engaging in intellectual discussions and putting his research thoughts to proper words became a strenuous activity for him.
  • Inadequate Topic Selection: He chose a topic that was quite traditional and usual. Neither did it interest too many people due to the extensive research already existing in the same field, nor was the topic title captivating. His topic was not even in synchronization with the ongoing researches in that discipline. In simple words, he was told his topic was ‘Boring’.
  • Poor knowledge of Statistical Tools: Haneef had a very technical background with an engineering degree and a post graduate degree in management. For his doctorate level thesis however, he did not have the necessary research skills including qualitative analysis, statistics and econometrics. He went wrong in his data collection and interpretation time and again.
  • Thesis was not of an adequate standard: He faced a huge setback when he found that the research proposal for his thesis had been rejected because evaluators felt it did not add to the existing body of knowledge. They also felt that the level of research he had conducted, the kind of tools and methodology he had used was only appropriate for a master’s level programme. For a Doctorate thesis, his work was too basic.
  • Presentation of data: Haneef knew his research objectives, his research paradigm and the core of his research. What he did not know was how to represent his thesis perfectly. Sometimes his work would be plagiarised, at other times he would hand over unformatted documents to his reviewers and occasionally he would forget adding citations.

After facing so many hardships and failures also he was unable to fully satisfy the experts and himself. However what had happened made him even more firm and focused. He knew now more than ever that no matter what, he wanted that doctoral degree.

He sought help from a professional dissertation writing firm to render its services to him. At first he really frowned upon this idea, but when he learnt how it is absolutely ethical to gather advice and assistance from these firms he saw no harm in contacting one of them for his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). This Professional Thesis writing company had many well qualified PHD Holders who were experienced in writing for various research fields. They themselves belonged to varied backgrounds and brought with them an entire storehouse of in depth, technical knowledge. Due to is excellence, Professional Thesis writing services didn’t  just help him draft a good thesis or a thesis proposal, but assisted him right from the genesis of his entire doctorate programme.

Right from Topic Selection to drafting a Thesis Synopsis, they guided him throughout.

  • They helped him chose a topic that generated a lot interest among reviewers. He now had an attractive, fresh and complete topic for his DBA Thesis. The best part was that changing the topic did not mean changing the entire thesis. All Haneef had to change was adding a few new dimensions to his already existing research.
  • This also helped him give his research direction and made it much more value adding. With the help of professionally equipped PHD writers assisting him, he now knew what kind of comments and questions related to his thesis he may expect during panel discussions and juries.
  • They provided assistance in penning his research work from scratch while keeping in mind the necessary jargons, intellectual language, grammatical correctness and finally drafting a high quality flawless write up for his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).
  • They also provided him mentorship in the implementation of statistical techniques and in performing various kinds of data and trend analysis for his quantitative analysis. This made his research much more comprehensive and of an acceptable Doctorate standard.
  • Tiny matters like plagiarism and grammatical efficiency were taken care of by proofreaders that this professional thesis writing firm had.

Finally not only did he write his thesis but also get acknowledged as well as appreciated for it. He received his Doctorate of Business Administration and realised his dreams.

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