Top three reasons CEOs push e-learning software

CEO of any company is always under tremendous pressure, no matter whether the economy is going through the pleasant time or there is a bad patch. In the bad times, there is great pressure to manage the bottom line by stringent cost controls and in the good times there is great pressure for performance. However, good leaders always lead by example and sail through the challenges easily by managing the team well.  Information Technology plays a great role in the overall performance of the company because efficient systems and tools ensure great cost saving.

E-learning software is becoming more and more popular nowadays and there are certainly valid reasons behind the popularity.

a)      A fantastic tool for cost-saving: It is the fact of the matter that a penny saved is a penny earned. The CEO of a company would certainly not get satisfied by saving a few pennies and he is always interested to save a big chunk. E-learning software saves a huge cost of training and development. Training organizations charge exorbitantly for various training programs and the cost appears huge in the times of economic crisis. E-learning is the cheap, reliable, convenient and persistent option that lasts longer by paying relatively much lesser amount.

b)      Better record-keeping: CEO will be interested in the effectiveness of the training and he will not sanction further budget until there are tangible benefits seen from the previous round of training. Conventional training programs will not give concrete information about that and there are always subjective perception about the effectiveness of the training material and methodology. E-learning software provides historical data and there is a record of the study material, online tests conducted, result sheets, etc.

c)       Unlimited iteration:  Conventional training program is a costly affair. You need to bear the cost every time the training is organized.  The overheads like arranging training rooms in the office or outdoor, managing the other logistics and making the team members free for the training is a marathon task. E-learning modules are re-usable unlimited times and you need to get it updated and modified according to the changes in the environment.

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