Common thesis mistakes and methods to avoid them:

Doctoral thesis writing will be easy once an individual gets an idea of common mistakes which they do. The first thing you should take care is selection of a topic. Select a topic which is very interesting but it should not be too hard to understand. Most of the individuals select the topic which is very rare or unique. So don’t select the research topic which is very common and also take care that the topic should not be that unique because it will be very difficult for you while searching for the data.  You should be able to explain the aim of thesis. The thesis includes so many chapters but most commonly they fail to explain or summarize each chapter. So don’t forget to focus on each chapter which you are talking about in your thesis. Always try to provide credible sources. Explain the whole thesis with the demonstrated examples. It creates an impression that how well you understood the topic. Try to avoid the long sentences because it leads to confusion.

Also writing long sentences misses the actual point and finally creates an open ended question. Don’t use high vocabulary to get an impression from the professor. Use the appropriate words which are more suitable. In a hurry most of the people forget to follow the format while writing the thesis. But try not to make any mistake in formatting because it creates a careless impression on you.  Avoid grammatical mistakes and typing errors. Sometimes it is very difficult to adhere to page length requirement though you have no more things to say. Then don’t try to add fluff to your thesis because this can be easily recognized by your Professor. In that case take suggestion of your professor or any well known person. Students keep on working on the paper till the deadline of submission. Avoid such kind of hurry and complete the work at least 2 days before deadline.

Once you are done with the whole paper the most important thing to remember is to revise the content. During the revision make sure you review the technical terms you have used. Finally the conclusion should be limited to only one page. The main thing to remember while writing conclusion are as follows: Stress the importance of thesis statement; give the whole thesis completeness. Make the conclusion go from specific to general.

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